Canyonlands RV Resort and Campground, Moab Utah

Canyonlands RV Park is in the middle of Moab, Utah on the main road, within walking distance to downtown, restaurants, shops, and a grocery store. Moab is a popular, congested destination – and right next door is an ATV shop for rentals, etc. Many of the campers have Jeeps, 4-wheelers, and motorbikes so it can get pretty noisy and busy in the campground, especially on weekends. Be careful when you pull into and out of the campground. There’s a pretty big dip on the edge of the road, and our levelers dragged as we went through. I saw several cars bottom out because they didn’t slow down.

Canyonlands Campground

The campground is very congested, especially around the reception office. This can be a problem when new arrivals park their rigs in front to check in – there’s no other place for them to park. Traffic coming in/going out of the campground can be noisy if you’re in a site near the office like we were. The sites are all pull-ins, and are very close together. There’s not much extra room in your site to park a toad, so we parked our Jeep very close to the side/rear of the rig, just to get it out of the road. Many people didn’t bother getting their vehicles out of the road, making it tough to get a rig through the grounds. The sites are concrete pads, and are relatively level.

Canyonlands Campground

Full hookups are available, as well as cable and free Wi-Fi. The cable worked pretty good and we had lots of channels. Wi-Fi can be slow at times. I had to call the company for Internet when we first arrived; they reset the towers because the Internet speed was almost non-existent. Often, I’d lose my Internet connection. It worked find for basic email – but I did manage to upload a photo or two, as long as I kept the files very small and did it early in the morning before everyone else accessed the net.

There are many trees in the campground, which provide a lot of shade. Each site has a picnic table. Be aware that branches can blow out of the trees during windy conditions! We were sitting outside in our chairs when a small branch came down and landed right between us. Luckily neither of us was hit.

Canyonlands Campground

The campground has a convenience store onsite that sells gas, propane and typical convenience store things. They have an onsite laundry and a heated pool. There is a car wash nearby.

Everything in town that you’ll need is within walking or biking distance. Arches National Park is only about 15 minutes up the road. While the location is nice, because of the noise and congestion in the campground, I doubt if I’ll stay here again. If you decide to stay here, be sure you don’t get a spot up by the entrance/reception office – try to get one closer to the back. Do NOT let them put you in site #41, unless you like the hustle/bustle/noise of the entrance/exit of the park. The one positive about this site is it’s close to the pool.

Convenient location
Laundry onsite
Gas Station onsite
Picnic Tables
Full Hookups
Cable TV

Congested, especially at the entrance
Small sites
Wi-Fi sucks

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