San Felipe Casino Hollywood RV Park

The San Felipe Casino Hollywood is located right in the middle of Albuquerque and Santa Fe, just off I-25, exit 252.  The location is perfect if you’re visiting both cities, or if you’re traveling from Albuquerque up to the four corners area along Hwy 550.  If you’re in this general area and need a place to stop for the night, this is perfect!  This is our third visit here; the first two were just stopovers between home and Colorado.  This trip we’re visiting Albuquerque and Santa Fe, so we spent four nights here.  I’ve compared prices in expensive Albuquerque, and this no frills RV parking is a bargain, unless you’re looking for a campground with campfires, lakes, playgrounds, etc.  In that case, this might not be the place for you.
San Felipe RV Parking
The RV lot is simply a large parking area with plenty of spaces for large rigs.  Each hookup area can accommodate two rigs with electric boxes on each side of the slip.  Someone parked in our area last night, despite empty bays elsewhere, and there was enough room between the rigs (at least their door wasn’t facing ours.  A dirt and gravel lot, spots are pretty level, electric hookups have 50, 30, 1-20 & GFCI outlets.  RV parking rates are $20.00 per night, it used to be 10.00, but they’ve doubled since last summer, still cheaper than staying in Albuquerque.  There are no water or sewer connections, but there is a water spigot at the dump station to fill your water tanks.  Dump station is free if you pay for overnight parking, $10.00 otherwise.  There’s a meter at the station to pay with credit card, cash or token. This machine is something else new; it wasn’t here when we were here last summer.  The area is patrolled by Pueblo security.  Check-in is easy.  Simply find your spot and park.  Go inside the casino and tell the staff at the customer service desk (right in front of the door as you walk in) your spot number.  They’ll send the security folks out to unlock your electric meter.  Usually it’s unlocked before you get back to your rig.  Wi-Fi is free, and we didn’t have many problems picking it up in our rig, we were surprised.  We were able to access many local TV channels without even raising our antenna on windy days.  We don’t have satellite TV.  Our Sprint network picked up decent signals.

San Felipe RV Parking Dump Station

There’s a 24-hour travel center in the compound, right next to the RV lot.  Cheap gas, snacks, a smoke shop (cheaper than buying them off the Pueblo.  They have a pretty good restaurant in the travel center (I like the Pueblo Taco, and breakfast burritos are very good).  There’s also a buffet in the casino that serves brunch and dinner.  We’ve eaten there once and we weren’t impressed.  Grab a breakfast burrito or go for dinner at the travel center instead, or just fix something in your rig.

San Felipe Pueblo Travel Center

There’s not a lot to do here, if you’re not interested in the Casino, but Albuquerque or Santa Fe are only 30 minutes in either direction.  If you do happen to see horses nearby, consider yourself lucky for seeing WILD horses.  These are not tame/broken horses.  If you have time to kill, and want some New Mexico history and culture that not everyone can experience, and absolutely NO crowds, I highly recommend a PRIVATE Jeep tour with New Mexico Jeep Tours. Tell Roch that Mel sent you.  I’ve been out with him three times now, and he is well worth his price – you’ll see wild horses, petroglyphs, ghost towns, fossils and scenery up close and personal.  He is a wealth of historic, geological, and cultural knowledge.  His tours are on private land, not the Pueblo, and it’s amazing!

Wild Horses Petroglyph

Pros of San Felipe Casino:

  • Outside of town
  • Not crowded
  • Right off I-25
  • Cheap gas – with big rig friendly pumps
  • Good food
  • Free water and dump for customers
  • Great location if you’re headed between Albuquerque and Santa Fe
  • Nice people
  • Inexpensive
  • Patrolled by Pueblo security


  • Out of the way if you’re not headed between Albuquerque and Santa Fe
  • Nothing to do if you’re not into casinos
  • No water or sewer hookups
  • Can get dusty if it’s windy
  • No shade
  • No picnic tables
  • Stickers – be prepared for them if you bring your dawg

Bottom line – this isn’t a “destination” but it’s great for a stopover or staging spot if you want to visit Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

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